Weekly Mash Up - 19th October

Monday updates are now live!


48 Hour Lock Out - Jobs on the RS will be locked out 48 hours prior to runs. Please contact state mangers to make changes with runs.

Drag & Drop Jobs - Drag & drop your jobs within a truck run. Big thank you to Erik and Anne for developing and testing this new feature. Available to use now.



Well Done - 

"Vince was the best ever!!! Super friendly and extremely helpful. I am so happy with my service, amazing team!!!"  - E.Schultz

- Vince Yakoo (Driver)

"Great service, exceptional customer service communication by delivery company & beautiful product received"  - F.Meier

- Luca Moraes (Driver)



I.T projects are being deployed thick and fast, we have had some remarkable feedback regarding the new optimising feature which is buying back team time and helping gain run efficiency.

Looping back to the Hamilton Path; Google says: “A Hamiltonian path, also called a Hamilton path, is a graph path between two vertices of a graph that visits each vertex exactly once. If a Hamiltonian path exists whose endpoints are adjacent, then the resulting graph cycle is called a Hamiltonian cycle (or Hamiltonian cycle).”

What that means for us is, the logic works where the routing starts at the closest point working towards the furthest going through each point in the most efficient manner.

I recommend all spend some time and explore the wonderful world of algorithms online.

As we aim for the stars with our IT milestones always remember DT’s success is based on our relationships with our clients and their customers!