Weekly Mash Up - 25th September

Weekly Mash Up - 25th September

Moe's Wrap Up

What a week!… full of up and downs. 

Our new Sydney facility is in full swing now… can’t deny we’ve definitely had our challenges and still have some work to do, but thanks to an internal restructure, “putting the right people in the right positions” we are on the right track and look forward to better days ahead.

Special thanks must go to our customer service team, who have had to go above and beyond to mitigate the issues of late with both clients and end customers.. I know it can get quite difficult and draining but we really appreciate the work you do! 

I would like to shed some light on the fabulous work our IT department carry out weekly, we have started to gain some real traction on this front and the synergy between our team members is really starting to flourish. The latest achievements have had a huge impact on some of our manual functions  i.e. automatic date change, optimisation ….

Stay tuned for some exciting deployments in the weeks ahead!

We have the best team in the world!

Have a great weekend team.

Michael's Weekly Wrap 


The operations team continue to settle into the new warehouse facility in NSW.

We have been experiencing some teething issues, but hopefully the changes we have made this week will alleviate these issues.

QLD has seen a slight increase in Coco deliveries and has recently moved one of its Coco labelled trucks to NSW.

VIC is steadily increasing volume and has been working on the new scanning process in conjunction with IT.

All three states are now starting to plan for the Xmas rush coming up.

Customer Service

The CS team has continued to be the hive of activity, the order volume is starting to grow heading into Xmas.

We have made a few changes in relation to who looks after which account, this will be finalised next week and communicated to the business.

The update to the system that now sees dates in Talcasoft updated automatically has been a god send.

Thanks to the IT department.


IT Updates this week

Talcasoft Date Call - automatic date changes from the Run Schedule back to Talcasoft when booking jobs in.

MCM House Calculator - Being used by the MCM team to provide quick delivery quotes to customers (back of house tool). 

Stay tuned for more features coming next week!

Four Pillars of the Future

How Designer Transport is visioning its future.

Customer Feedback

Well Done - 

"The best home delivery service I’ve had ever. Simple communication, accurate driver tracking and polite delivery guy. Thank you!"  - A. Cameron

- Jones Campos (Driver) 

 "Amazing service! THANK YOU to your team and Allied Express for amazing communication and follow through. It’s rare and deserves recognition!" - J.Boothman

- JP Machado (Driver)


Final Words

Stay tuned for more updates, news, birthdays and events coming every week.  Have a great weekend everyone!