Weekly Mash Up - 2nd October 2020

Weekly Mash Up - 2nd October 2020

The long weekend is here! Recapping the events this week:


5 Minutes on the Run Schedule - Rolled out at the start of the week, Erik has changed the RS to calculate in blocks of 5 minutes.

IT-Support Slack Channel - Any communications relating to issues across the Run Schedule and general IT Support can be raised through the new Slack Channel. These will be actioned in order of priority. Please provide as much details & screenshots to update us on any problems.

Admin Console - Managers are now able to self service using the administration portal as part of the Run Schedule - managing drivers, employees and trucks.

Coming soon - Auto-optimise a Run (!)



Well Done - 

"The two delivery people were so professional and helpful, they did a great job and set the sofa up perfectly! We were very impressed."  - J. Murphy

- Jones Campos (Driver) 

"Delivery on time and guys are friendly" - P. Ko
- Vitor Jardim (Driver)

"Absolutely excellent Professionals Social distanced Polite Efficient 5 star very happy."  - Altime Pty Ltd

-Luca Moraes (Driver)



September what a month - here’ a poem

S = Spring is in the air … What a feeling!

E = Energy is contagious, either you affect people or you infect people

P = Pathetic is the word that comes to mind when I think of NBN in Australia –  still without internet at the new Sydney site

T = Teamwork makes the dream work!

E = Emphasise the small things…they make all the difference

M = Marcia, what an absolute legend!

B = Busy – Don’t be busy….be productive!

E = Empathy is seeing with the eyes of another, listening with the ears of another, and feeling with the heart of another – Empathy is the ultimate form of customer insight!

R = Returns/Reverse logistics is just as important as deliveries – an area we need to work on


Final Words

Remember double demerits this weekend, drive safe. New DT Hat designs incoming next week, keep your eyes peeled.

Anne's ducklings wish everyone a great long weekend! See you next week!