Weekly Mash Up - 9th October

Weekly Mash Up - 9th October

And just like that, it's the weekend! Here's what happened in the short week - 


Run optimiser - Tired of manually calculating the best run? Now you can load and optimise your run! Let the computer do the calculations. Button has been implemented into the Run Schedule. Looking forward to hearing some feedback from the ops team.

New Scanners - 2 new scanners have been dispatched to each warehouse. Closing in on our integration with ACR - more updates to come.

Coming soon - Drag & drop optimised runs. Allowing the ability to manually override an optimised run, for those particular orders.


Cleaning up and getting organised. Thanks to Moe for the A+ photography.


Well Done - 

"The delivery guys were perfect thank you. So polite and so accommodating. Thank you design delivery."  - L.Thomson

- Luca Moraes (Driver)

"Very quick and courteous"  - A.Nicholson

- Jones Campos (Driver)


As we celebrate the launch of our auto routing button today, I thought it would be beneficial to shed some light on the genius at work in the background making this feature come to life…of course in addition to the genius of our very own super geek Erik!

So how does the routing actually work? ….Using an algorithm to solve the Hamilton Path!

So what is an algorithm?

For many of us, life is a search for truth and understanding. We want to understand reasons behind why things happen.

We want a formula for success, a formula for happiness …Do X and you will be happy etc …

Unfortunately, life doesn’t exactly work that way …… but the good news is mathematics and algorithms do!

An algorithm is a step by step procedure to solve logical and mathematical problems. A recipe is a good example of an algorithm because it says what must be done, step by step. It takes inputs (ingredients) and produces an output (the completed dish).

A beautiful algorithm is the perfect answer to a question. It is demonstrated to be true, and its cost and restrictions can be precisely specified. It is a true thing you can create and share with others. Unlike many things in our life, it will be true and correct for anyone looking to answer the same question.

We will dive deeper next week and touch on the Hamilton Path in more detail.

Happy Routing!