Weekly Updates - 2 November 2020

Small tweak in the rollout of announcements and IT updates. IT projects will be pushed live on Monday nights for the week's use - and to give everyone the opportunity to ask questions getting familiar with the new surroundings.


Github Code Repository - Not a direct update to the RS this week - but fundamental overall allowing us to roll out code changes with minimal fuss.

RS Admin Updates - You will now find more updates to the Admin Console in the Run Schedule. These include - 

  • Updates to Subcontractor management
  • KPI Management
  • Vehicle Zones

Anne has updated the Admin Page Manual - which can be found in the Slack Channel following this update. Updates include using the Subcontractor Management and Managing Deadlines.




Well Done - 

"Our address got mixed up with a different suburb but the drivers were responsive to my call and contacted me a few times to find our place. They eventually got here. I appreciate the text messages to keep us updated."  - M. Diaz

- Vince Yakoo (Driver)

"Efficient sms and gps/map based arrival notification. Delivery staff were friendly and placed the item exactly where I asked. Perfect experience."  - A. Kauffman

- Tom (Driver)

"Wonderful experience the driver were very professional and polite. From the placement of my order to delivery. I would recommend your company to all my friends."  - S. McCulloch

- Steve Goreal (Driver)