COVID-19 Updates

At Designer Transport we are committed to continuing deliveries throughout our network and if we experience any disruptions resulting from COVID-19, we will keep all clients updated.

Given the above, until further notice the following changes are being made to our delivery process: 

Signatures will not be obtained by the delivery team at time of delivery. Alternative delivery process will be applied as follows:

  1. The doorbell will be rung, and delivery team will wait for recipient of the furniture to attend.
  2. The delivery team will then ask and confirm with the customer the 2 questions below.
    1. Are you unwell and if so, have you been, or do you have any reason to suspect that you've been exposed to someone diagnosed with or suspected to have the Coronavirus?
    2. Have you travelled overseas in the last 14 days?
  3. If it is all clear and the customer is not in any isolation the delivery team will proceed with the delivery. We ask that the customer is always situated at a minimum of 1.5 metres away from the delivery team.
  4. A photograph of the parcel and front of property will be taken in place of the signature.
  5. The driver will request and record the name of the person accepting delivery into our last mile app.

Designer Transport delivery teams have and will have attended a toolbox meeting outlining and educating them on the new process and that good hygiene practises are imperative. They all have sanitisers in their toolkits, gloves, masks, hand sanitiser.

Designer Transport would like to thank our Clients and Customers for their understanding and support of this temporary measure.



Victoria Restrictions Update

As you are aware, Melbourne has been placed into tighter restrictions to control the spread of Covid-19

From the information provided by the Victorian government we are able to continue to deliver products.

There will be a number of changes to the delivery model.

  1. DT will move to a contactless delivery service. There will be no Premium service level.

Drivers are not allowed to enter the customers premise. They will only be able to deliver to the front door. Customers will be advised of the change of process as the driver approaches.

Customers can agree to the front door delivery or have the delivery returned and rescheduled after the restrictions ease. 

  1. All staff will be temperature checked at the start of every shift. If they have an increased temperature they will be sent home and asked to undertake a Covid-19 test.

These staff will not return till their test returns negative. 

  1. Drivers will continue to wear masks and have a supply of hand sanitiser in their trucks. Social distancing will continue to be practiced.


Northern NSW restrictions 


The restrictions at the border of QLD and NSW have changed.

The police are enforcing that delivery vehicles based in QLD that complete deliveries in Northern NSW must be contactless deliveries.

This means that the orders must be left at the front door and the customer is to take the order into the house after the delivery team leaves.

Designer Transport is not able to offer a premium delivery service in this area until these restrictions are lifted. We will be able to unpack the orders and remove the rubbish, if requested by the customer, but not enter the premise.

The continued safety of our customers, drivers and the general community is paramount during time.

Thank you for your patience.